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High pathogenic avian influenza: What's the same, what's different?

Episode Summary

The big topic of discussion at the Midwest Poultry Convention was the resurgence of highly-pathogenic avian influenza this spring. Veterinarian Mark Bienhoff with Kemin discussed how this outbreak is similar and different from the major outbreak of 2015.

Episode Notes

Animal disease challenges are simply a part of life in livestock production, but some disease challenges are more problematic than others. One major problem facing the poultry industry this spring is highly-pathogenic avian influenza, a viral disease currently popping up in flocks and in wild birds across the country.

How well-prepared is the poultry industry for this challenge, what is the current state of affairs, and what can the swine industry learn from how chicken and turkey producers handle this latest outbreak?

At the Midwest Poultry Convention in Minneapolis. Feedstuffs' Andy Vance sat down with veterinarian Mark Bienhoff, leader of the pathogen control team at Kemin, to discuss high pathogenic avian influenza, and how this outbreak is similar or different from the major outbreak of 2015.

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