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Managing the avian influenza outbreak in the dairy industry

Episode Summary

The situation around avian influenza in dairy cattle continues to evolve. We talk with Anja Raudabaugh, CEO of Western United Dairies to get an update.

Episode Notes

Last week, California dairy producers requested that the State of California use its authority to ban all cattle coming into California from HPIA-infected states until further notice. Following the industry's request for additional action, the California Department of Food & Agriculture increased its health certificate requirements. Those requirements were effective immediately. What does this mean for those looking to ship cattle into the state as well as for dairy producers in California? What protection might this provide to California herds? 

Joining us in the episode to talk about the avian influenza in dairy cattle situation in California and nationwide is Western United Dairies CEO Anja Raudabaugh. 

In addition to discussing the new restrictions on dairy cattle coming into California, we discuss how the virus is possibly being spread, what things dairy producers should keep an eye out for in their herds and how best to responsibly communicate the evolving situation. 

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