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National Pork Board CEO talks current state of market

Episode Summary

Bill Even says that 90% of pork slaughter capacity is back online, and that packers are working through a massive backlog of hogs.

Episode Notes

While all segments of the agriculture industry have felt pain from COVID-19, perhaps no single segment has felt it quite as acutely as the pork industry. From the agony of euthanizing animals due to packing plant closures to the lingering stress of low prices, the nation’s swine producers have been dealt an incredibly raw hand in 2020.

What does the outlook for hog prices and pork values hold in the second half of an already unprecedented year?

In this edition we talk with Bill Even, CEO of the National Pork Board. Even spoke with Feedstuffs editor Krissa Welshans about the many challenges facing the nation’s hog farmers, and provides an update on current pork slaughter capacity and the backlog of hogs packers are trying to work through.

As with all segments of the industry looking forward, the questions and unknowns at this stage are legion. Even describes how The Pork Checkoff is helping producers navigate those unknowns, providing useful tools and information to consumers cooking more pork at home, as well as to farmers struggling to manage a disastrous financial situation

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