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Pigs saving lives hard hit by COVID-19

Episode Summary

University of Illinois researchers and pigs are stepping up to develop life-saving technology to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

Episode Notes

Pigs and COVID-19. We’ve all been hearing about the unfortunate shutdown of various pork packing and processing plants these last two weeks but pigs are playing another role in the current pandemic as well. In fact, it is a rather unexpected role at that. 

In this episode, Feedstuffs editor Sarah Muirhead talks with University of Illinois professor Dr. Matt Wheeler about the role pigs and his team are playing in an experiment that could be save many lives.  Wheeler, who has built and tested lifesaving medical devices animals before, was called upon last month test a new emergency ventilator that is designed to save lives of COVID-19 patients.

“If this device saves one person, we did our job. Hopefully it'll save a whole lot more than that,” says Wheeler, professor in the department of animal sciences at University of Illinois. 

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