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State of the Industry: NGFA's Randy Gordon on 2020

Episode Summary

Randy Gordon, president of the National Grain & Feed Assn., recaps the biggest issues grain elevators and feed mills faced in 2019, and gives an outlook for trade, policy and business issues moving into 2020.

Episode Notes

Political volatility, uncertainty in the export markets, spring flooding and propane shortages… these are just a few of the big challenges that faced grain handlers and feed manufacturers in 2019. How did elevators and feed mills weather the literal and metaphorical storms of the year, and what is the outlook for the industry in 2020?

In this episode we discuss those topics, and a few more, with Randy Gordon, president of the National Grain & Feed Assn.

At NGFA's Country Elevator Conference in early December, Gordon hosted a fireside chat with Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on trade issues from China to the USMCA agreement. Gordon discussed those issues with Feedstuffs policy editor Jacqui Fatka in this episode, and explained why trade is such an important issue for members of his organization.

Gordon also discusses the work of an NGFA task force on issues related to the regulation of the U.S. rail industry and how some “systemic problems and flaws” in those regulations are problematic for the grain industry “given the ever-growing exercise of market power by Class I railroads."

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