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Understanding Financial Stress In Farm Country

Episode Summary

Federal trade assistance payments are a key reason net farm income is projected to inch higher in 2019. But just how tough are times for farmers, really?

Episode Notes

U.S. net farm income is projected to hit $88 billion for 2019, a third-consecutive year of at least modest growth. But federal trade assistance payments are the underlying reason for that growth according to Ohio State University agricultural economist Ani Katchova. 

Crop-sector receipts are expected to decline this year while animal product receipts are expected to remain flat in 2019. Modest growth has been seen in land values, and although cash rents are up roughly 1-2% in the U.S., rents remain stagnant after adjusting for inflation. 

While there are signs of financial stress in farm country, ag loan delinquency rates and bankruptcy rates have remained at historic lows during the past few years. In this episode we ask the question, how bad is it out there, really