Feedstuffs in Focus

Understanding the beef supply chain in a "Post-COVID world"

Episode Summary

Rabobank senior protein analyst Don Close explains four key challenges facing the beef supply chain in the coming months as the global marketplace unwinds from a multi-year worldwide pandemic.

Episode Notes

Beef prices – like all food prices – have increased as the inflationary story in the marketplace unfolds. Thus far consumers haven’t balked at paying higher prices for their favorite center-of-plate protein, but how long can that demand hold out? And what is the outlook for the cattle producer as feed costs escalate, too?

Don Close is an agricultural economist, and senior animal protein analyst with Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research team. He recently released a report on the beef supply in a “post-COVID world”, discussing a series of challenges facing the beef supply chain in the coming year. I spoke with Don about those challenges, and how beef demand has remained so resilient in the face of inflation the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a generation.

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